Your Guide to Understanding the Website Development Process

To develop a website for any business, we need good understanding of your business, your industry and what it is you need your website to do for you.
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Once you’ve stepped into the world of web development, you’ll never leave – or so it feels like! However, in reality, the website development process is pretty straightforward, and that’s thanks to the four steps we diligently work through with each of our clients. It’s these steps which direct us on how you want your website to look, feel and function. So while it is time-consuming, the result is well worth the wait.

Today we’re going to detail the website development process to give you a heads up of each of the four stages to explain what we’re doing and why.

4 Stages of Your Website Development Process (h2)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to plan and build a website in a day? Well, it could be done, but you’d never be satisfied with the results and nor would you clients! The best approach to custom building a website is to follow a series of steps to gather and create the right information for your site. At FutureLab, we don’t build off the shelf websites which get average results. We fully custom design and custom develop websites which exceed our client’s expectations and achieve outstanding results.

Because of this, the way we custom develop websites requires an in-depth understanding about your business, your industry and how you’d like your website to work for you. The four steps in our comprehensive website development process include:

  1. Gathering Information – at this point we’re concerned with finding out as much information as we can about your business; it’s products or services, your competitors, your target audience and your goals for having a website developed. By creating a solid understanding of your needs, we are better positioned to create an exceptionally high functioning and custom designed website which gives you a great
  2. Planning the Website – as well as using the information we’ve gathered, we also want to find out what you want in a website. What specific functions do you want to be included? What pages and content will it have and how will users move through your site? We’ll then create a sitemap which shows you how your site will look.
  3. Custom Designing and Developing the Website – we’ll work with any pre-existing brand logos, colours and fonts you have, or help create you more appropriate ones. We’ll begin to create a visual plan of how your site will look for visitors, giving you the opportunity to provide feedback. The website development component of this step will see us build your site using the best content management platform to suit your specific needs. Yes, this is the technical coding stuff! If necessary, we’ll also write and add your content here too.
  4. Launching the Website – it’s time for lift off! We’ll double and triple check everything is functioning as it should be with your site. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback, and we’ll make adjustments as required.

One of the great things about being a FutureLab client is that we’re here for you. Big or small, technical or not, all questions are welcome, and we’d love to hear your ideas about your ideal website. Contact our team today and let’s get your website development process underway!