WordPress Retainer

Your Business Doesn’t Stop – Neither Should Your Website

Ongoing Support & Maintenance with a WordPress Retainer

As well as providing custom WordPress development, we take things further, continuing to improve your website when you choose our WordPress retainer package. We remain ready to help you use your website effectively, keep it secure, troubleshoot any issues and grow it along with your business.

Why Should You Choose a WordPress Retainer?

Your business doesn’t stop, and neither should your website. That’s where choosing our retainer package comes into play. We’ll be available to make changes and updates, add new plugins, improve usability and ensure it remains 100% secure. From creating new custom coding, optimising for speed and performing regular maintenance, we’ll make sure your website functions at its optimal level.

We Don’t Just Create Custom Websites; We Look After Them Too

Work on a website doesn’t just stop once it goes live. There’s a wide variety of ongoing management tasks which will need attention. As WordPress experts, we understand not just how to create custom-built websites from the ground up, but also how to keep them working for our clients. From
adding new lead generation tools, conducting UX reviews, analysing your sales funnels and solving API integrations, we do it all.

To discuss specifics about how we can help your business website, or to confirm your WordPress retainer package, get in touch with us today.