Web Development Preparation

We aim to develop your new website efficiently and within the agreed timeframe. This process can be further streamlined with some extra information prepared by our clients before we start. You can use the questions below as a guide when preparing to undertake a new web development project with us.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to all the questions. This is simply a guide to help us understand the type of business you are, the kind of website you want and your company values so we can best showcase your company online. You don’t need to have any designs or website structure in mind either. We’re experts at choosing the best design for your company’s needs. But if you already have some ideas, we’d love to hear them.

  1. What are your aims as a company for the future? (eg, increase brand awareness, employ more staff, move premises, increase sales, invest in R&D, stabilise etc)
  2. What are your reasons for creating/redeveloping your website?
  3. What is the main purpose of your website? (eg, point of sale, brand awareness, lead generation, informational/educational etc)
  4. What’s your main focus in the company? (eg, sales, marketing, customer service, informational/educational, etc)
  5. What’s your company’s point of difference?
  6. What existing websites do you like/inspire you?
  7. What key words or phrases do you associate with your business? What would people looking for you be likely to search for?
  8. Are you planning on selling any products or services on your website?
  9. Do you have any particular domain name in mind?
  10. What colours do you like/are associated with your company?
  11. Do you have a logo, or if not, are there examples of logos that you like?
  12. What kind of site structure do you want? (eg, information-heavy, light and simple, large or simple menu, blog function, interactive etc)
  13. Please provide as much content as possible for us to work with: information about your company; products or services; your process… anything that you want your customers to know about what makes your company special
  14. Provide as many images as possible associated with your company
  15. Any other information, preferences, likes or dislikes you feel would be relevant for us to know.

We’ve put this checklist into a handy pdf document that you can download, fill in, and send back to help us begin the web development process. Download the document here.