The 6 things to do on your pre-Christmas checklist

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The Christmas holiday season is fast approaching! We wanted to help out with a handy checklist to make sure your company is ready for Christmas. Read on for our 6 tips to prepare for the holiday closure.

Put your closing hours on your website

If your company is shutting down at any time over Christmas (and we hope that you’ve scheduled some time off!) make sure you’ve let your customers know in advance. Send out a newsletter and post your holiday opening hours on your website. If your company provides customer support or deals with product shipping, make sure your customers know your availability will be reduced.

Speaking of which…

Remember the Christmas post dates

If you’re posting products out to customers, remember to check the NZ Post dates for the holiday season and get products out well in advance for Christmas. Don’t be that company that ruins Christmas with badly timed shipping!

Run a sales promotion

Now’s a great time to take advantage of holiday shoppers and boost your revenue. Run a sale, special offer or promotion on your website. If you’re not selling products, you can still take part – announce a summer referral scheme, group discounts, or a free consultation. Use your imagination and remember that everyone loves a special offer.

Post on social media

Once you’ve decided on your Christmas special, remember to tell everyone about it! That means not just on your website or over email, but on social media too. That way, you stand more chance of your promotion being shared around the web, and boosting your company standing online too.

Set up your email out of office reply

One of those little things you plan to get around to but often forget in the Christmas rush. It’s important to keep up communication with your customers. Include your holiday dates, the date and day you are returning to work, and the timeframe in which you expect to respond to them. Include any emergency contact details or other important information.

Send out a virtual Christmas card

Make your customers feel valued with an email Christmas card sent out before the holiday closure. This is also a good place to inform them of your holiday opening hours. Your customers will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to contact them in advance of the holiday closure period. Plus, it’s a simple way to market your brand to your client base. If you would like to speak to FutureLab about designing and sending a custom Christmas card for your company, please get in touch for a quote.
If you prepare your company in advance for the Christmas season, you’ll allow yourself a relaxing, work-free Christmas break!