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WordPress Auckland Meetup: WordPress Disasters!

When: Tuesday 12th September Where: GridAKL, 101 Pakenham Street West Why: Meet your local WordPress user group, eat pizza and mingle! The September WordPress Auckland Meetup is coming up soon. This month we are featuring lightning talks on the topic of WordPress “DISASTERS: how I found myself in trouble and how I recovered”. Our speakers … Continue reading "WordPress Auckland Meetup: WordPress Disasters!"

My budget is… what can I get?

We work with clients and businesses from a range of backgrounds – start-ups with minimal budgets (start-ups with plenty of budget too), established businesses looking to push their online markets, high-level brands looking for one-off custom work for a competition or marketing campaign. And everyone in between, from Auckland to Christchurch and overseas as well. … Continue reading "My budget is… what can I get?"

The birds and the bees… website edition

Did you ever wonder how your website comes into being? The process that goes on behind the scenes or how it moves from design, to development, and hops onto your website domain? Presenting… the birds and the bees… WEBSITE EDITION

Patching the Security of your Website

Behind the scenes of your website, and indeed the entire online world, a battle is constantly raging. It’s not the kind of battle you see in the movies. There’s no blood, guns, or violence. But there are soldiers, weapons of mass destruction, and grisly battle scenes.

WordPress CMS: improving the web world since 2003

We recently looked at the difference between open-source and closed-source software for websites and why we recommend using open-source software to design your business website. (If you use your web company’s proprietary software, you may end up being locked-in to high prices with no chance of walking away and keeping your own website.) In particular, … Continue reading "WordPress CMS: improving the web world since 2003"

The number one question to ask your web developer

Forget about the pretty logo, even forget about promises of increased sales and revenue. The number one question you need to ask your web developer before going ahead is ‘DO I OWN MY WEBSITE?’ The answer you receive may surprise you. Many businesses may not realise that they don’t in fact own their website. And … Continue reading "The number one question to ask your web developer"

Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business

Christmas is fast approaching and in the business world, warm fuzzy feelings and merry Xmas spirit translate into prime opportunity for increasing sales and harnessing rampant consumerism. Yay for the Western world and the spirit of Christmas! In all seriousness though, with the aftereffects of the 2007 recession still lingering on, Christmas shopping and the … Continue reading "Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business"

Failure to launch: why so many businesses struggle to put new websites live

Working with clients on their web design can be a diverse experience. Some clients need everything done YESTERDAY and really pile the pressure on, especially if they have outsourced their work to us. Other clients seem to have no discernible timeframe, happily waiting months to review the website that is otherwise ready to launch. Either … Continue reading "Failure to launch: why so many businesses struggle to put new websites live"