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Turning the difficulties of small business into advantage

When you own a small business, every job matters. There’s no financial cushioning like the big companies, a cash-stuffed armchair if you will, to have a cozy snooze on through the rough times. No, every day is an energetic grind, you’re pedal to the metal, and each new piece of business is a relief – … Continue reading "Turning the difficulties of small business into advantage"

A guide to SEO basics: how to make your website content SEO-friendly

First things first: if you need to learn what SEO is and how to use it, catch up here. Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is hugely important to your website. It can mean the difference between driving a good amount of traffic to your website, and withering away somewhere in the murky depths … Continue reading "A guide to SEO basics: how to make your website content SEO-friendly"

How to make a Facebook Advert

A Facebook advert can be a great way to gain popularity for your page or attract new customers to your business. The great thing about Facebook ads is that they allow you to target specific audiences according to age, interest, location and many more. From our experience, the best tactic is to be a little … Continue reading "How to make a Facebook Advert"

The 5 golden rules of eNewsletters

An eNewsletter is one of the best ways you can stay top-of-mind with customers. If you do it well, it can become an ongoing piece of communication your customers look forward to and even pass on to friends and colleagues. To see what appeals to your target market so you can optimise the efficacy of … Continue reading "The 5 golden rules of eNewsletters"