My budget is… what can I get?

We work with clients and businesses from a range of backgrounds – start-ups with minimal budgets (start-ups with plenty of budget too), established businesses looking to push their online markets, high-level brands looking for one-off custom work for a competition or marketing campaign. And everyone in between, from Auckland to Christchurch and overseas as well. … Continue reading "My budget is… what can I get?"

How to Pay Double for the Same Job

I want to find out how to pay double for the same job…. Said no one, ever. Yet that’s what a lot of companies unknowingly do when paying for services such as web design and development for their business, by choosing large companies with large overheads. Read more to find out how you can minimise paying for overheads and save money on web design.

Failure to launch: why so many businesses struggle to put new websites live

Working with clients on their web design can be a diverse experience. Some clients need everything done YESTERDAY and really pile the pressure on, especially if they have outsourced their work to us. Other clients seem to have no discernible timeframe, happily waiting months to review the website that is otherwise ready to launch. Either … Continue reading "Failure to launch: why so many businesses struggle to put new websites live"