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Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin

Q Card Payment Gateway – Connect Directly to the Q Card API from your Online Store The team at FutureLab have developed a custom plugin that connects to the new Q Card API from your online store. That means you can now offer your customers another way to pay online, without needing to pay merchant … Continue reading "Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin"

Five reasons to outsource your work to NZ

Outsourcing – the word that businesses love and customers hate. Outsourcing is the hidden reality for many industries today, but the last thing a customer wants to hear is that their call is important to you, and by the way, we’ve outsourced our call centre to Indonesia. So while businesses need to keep costs down, clients expect to be dealing with native English speakers who understand the issues they need resolved. What to do in this situation? We’d like to introduce our solution to this problem for Australian corporations.

How to Pay Double for the Same Job

I want to find out how to pay double for the same job…. Said no one, ever. Yet that’s what a lot of companies unknowingly do when paying for services such as web design and development for their business, by choosing large companies with large overheads. Read more to find out how you can minimise paying for overheads and save money on web design.

FutureLab partners with Campaign Monitor for awesome email marketing campaigns

As a proudly New Zealand company, we love supporting other innovative Australasian endeavours in the technical field, especially ones that make ours and our client’s lives that much easier. One such company shaking things up in the field of digital marketing is Campaign Monitor, an Australian-run company that in the last 10 years has rocketed … Continue reading "FutureLab partners with Campaign Monitor for awesome email marketing campaigns"

Domain name .nz – is it worth changing your domain?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll have heard about the new “exciting” changes to New Zealand domain names. At FutureLab HQ, where I’m copywriter in residence, we’ve already had many calls from clients wanting to know more information about what this all means, so let’s go through the options for … Continue reading "Domain name .nz – is it worth changing your domain?"

Web Hatchery Website Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, Web Hatchery! Web Hatchery will provide professional website design and development services to small businesses, organisations and start-ups who want to become successful in the online marketplace – without breaking the bank. Web Hatchery makes getting a website an affordable affair, offering its customers … Continue reading "Web Hatchery Website Launch"

FutureLab becomes Magento Sweet Tooth development partner

FutureLab became a Sweet Tooth development partner in New Zealand! We develop Magento websites and we had used Sweet Tooth many times before now becoming a recognised and official partner.