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After ‘Mobilegeddon’ – Google keeps pushing mobile search

A year on from ‘Mobilegeddon’ we look at how Google mobile search is continuing to evolve   You may remember reading about a big Google mobile search update back in April 2015 – dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ by the SEO community. We wrote about the update here at FutureLab and also had a look at the first … Continue reading "After ‘Mobilegeddon’ – Google keeps pushing mobile search"

Five reasons to outsource your work to NZ

Outsourcing – the word that businesses love and customers hate. Outsourcing is the hidden reality for many industries today, but the last thing a customer wants to hear is that their call is important to you, and by the way, we’ve outsourced our call centre to Indonesia. So while businesses need to keep costs down, clients expect to be dealing with native English speakers who understand the issues they need resolved. What to do in this situation? We’d like to introduce our solution to this problem for Australian corporations.

Q&A with Daren, Business Development Manager at FutureLab

Daren recently joined FutureLab in the newly created role of Business Development Manager. Daren is on board to help manage our business growth and provide strategic vision for the overall development of the company.

After the Google Update

If you missed it, Google announced that from the 21st April 2015, mobile-friendly sites will start being prioritised in mobile search results. That means, if your website is not yet mobile-friendly, you can expect to see a drop in your rankings when people search for your products or services using their smartphones.

Cyber Monday up, Black Friday down: what does it mean for NZ online retail?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when stores in the US traditionally erupt in a frenzy of consumer madness – is shifting to the online retail world. While 2014’s Black Friday still saw queues of shoppers at all hours of the day and night on Thanksgiving Day and the day after, the latest estimates have … Continue reading "Cyber Monday up, Black Friday down: what does it mean for NZ online retail?"

Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business

Christmas is fast approaching and in the business world, warm fuzzy feelings and merry Xmas spirit translate into prime opportunity for increasing sales and harnessing rampant consumerism. Yay for the Western world and the spirit of Christmas! In all seriousness though, with the aftereffects of the 2007 recession still lingering on, Christmas shopping and the … Continue reading "Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business"

Domain name .nz – is it worth changing your domain?

So unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll have heard about the new “exciting” changes to New Zealand domain names. At FutureLab HQ, where I’m copywriter in residence, we’ve already had many calls from clients wanting to know more information about what this all means, so let’s go through the options for … Continue reading "Domain name .nz – is it worth changing your domain?"

The Future of Mobile Marketing

What’s in store for mobile marketing next year or even in the years to come?