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What is a Landing Page & Why You Need One

If you’ve ever wondered what a landing page is and whether your website needs one, you’re not alone. There are plenty of discussions around the planning, designing and using landing pages online, both in blogs and on social media. Answers vary from a landing page being your site’s home page, right through to a page … Continue reading "What is a Landing Page & Why You Need One"

Introducing your Google Partners

Exciting news at FutureLab – we recently became certified Google Partners, specialising in Search Ads. Being a Google Partner is a mark from Google that FutureLab is qualified to create and manage search advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. This is a good benchmark signal to look for when searching for a company to help … Continue reading "Introducing your Google Partners"

Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business

Christmas is fast approaching and in the business world, warm fuzzy feelings and merry Xmas spirit translate into prime opportunity for increasing sales and harnessing rampant consumerism. Yay for the Western world and the spirit of Christmas! In all seriousness though, with the aftereffects of the 2007 recession still lingering on, Christmas shopping and the … Continue reading "Greatest gift for Christmas: a new website for your business"

BNZ Connect: make your website and social media work for you

FutureLab recently gave a presentation in Takapuna at the monthly BNZ Connect event (first Tuesday of every month, see you there!). Our presentation was about – what else? – effective marketing strategies for small business. Number one on the list, of course, is get a website for your business! Whether you sell products, services, or … Continue reading "BNZ Connect: make your website and social media work for you"

How to make a Facebook Advert

A Facebook advert can be a great way to gain popularity for your page or attract new customers to your business. The great thing about Facebook ads is that they allow you to target specific audiences according to age, interest, location and many more. From our experience, the best tactic is to be a little … Continue reading "How to make a Facebook Advert"

The 5 golden rules of eNewsletters

An eNewsletter is one of the best ways you can stay top-of-mind with customers. If you do it well, it can become an ongoing piece of communication your customers look forward to and even pass on to friends and colleagues. To see what appeals to your target market so you can optimise the efficacy of … Continue reading "The 5 golden rules of eNewsletters"