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Website for Medical Practice

How we help

We know that working in medical market is challenging. It’s a hard start when you’re entering the market with your new practice and then even harder to manage your patients expectations once you grow. We take you through the journey of establishing your digital presence, bringing you patients and connect with your current and past patients. We make sure that your digital presence is taken care of and your competitors look up to you.

  • We build your website
    Because the first thing your potential patient will do is search for your website to find out about you. There is a range of needs for an internet user that you need to fulfil, starting from as simple as opening hours or phone number, through the location and your details up to describing how the procedure works or how to prepare for the visit. It's all important to bring the trust of your new patient.
  • We help you writing it
    It sounds trivial, writing the content for your own website. But how often can you spare a few hours straight to do that? With the help of a professional copywriter we can help your writing engaging and SEO friendly content for your website so you don't have to worry about it.
  • We promote it
    Building a website is like printing a business card. If you keep it in your wallet, no one will know about you. We employ a digital marketing strategy to start spreading the word about you and your practice in the internet, similarly to giving away your business cards. That includes SEO and SEM campaigns and social media.
  • We measure
    It's easy to say "we've done some work". We are proud to deliver results and that is why every month you get a detailed report of the progress and the plan for the next month. We will also give you a call to make sure that you fully understand the progress of your digital presence and that you're happy with the result.
  • We grow with you
    We have a range of services to help your practice grow. We offer custom web development to help with your manual tasks that have to be done, we can create a communication channel with your existing patients and we can help to promote you with GP networks. Your growth becomes our goal. Talk to us to find out how we can help your practice grow.

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