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The Challenge

FutureLab have worked with Madelize and her team at Edumaxi on various education projects over the years. So when Edumaxi came to us with a new website initiative on an enviro theme, we were really excited to design and launch the project. We had to create a complex calendar functionality and had a limited timeframe in which to do it – challenge accepted!
Interactive Web Design for My Eco Calendar | FutureLab NZ

Making Learning Fun

My Eco Calendar is an interactive website designed to teach children about nature, the environment and how we can become more aware of our impact upon it. Classroom teachers or students can log in to view the daily calendar and use the tips, facts and learning exercises to help their children learn about the environment.

Animated Design

The website look and feel is fun and interactive, designed to make kids look forward to logging in each day to check the new fact or learning exercise. We created moving clouds and bird animations to help get the kids really excited about nature and the environment, which of course is the goal of the project!

Restricted-Access Calendar

The calendar functionality was customised to show each new day when the user logs in. The exclusive calendar content is accessed via subscription codes which each school or institution purchase in bulk. Purchases, sign-ups and code generation are all automated with WooCommerce, allowing the website creators to focus on creating great content rather than being bogged down by admin.
Enviro Themed Interactive Web Development by FutureLab

The Result

The My Eco Calendar website is a joy to view and use. The functionality is streamlined, the content is easy to upload, and the website makes learning about the environment fun for kids and teachers too. At FutureLab we’re all about innovative and future-proof solutions – so we loved working on this environmental initiative which is all about helping our future leaders and thinkers learn. Check out the My Eco Calendar website here.

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