Illumiscreen Prenatal Testing

Future-Forward Design for a Future-Forward Service

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The Challenge

Healthscope New Zealand (the organisation offering medical testing services through Labtests and other institutions) have partnered with FutureLab on web design and development since 2011. So when they came to us with an exciting new prenatal testing service, we were ready to deliver exceptional design for an exceptional new product.
Illumiscreen | Branded Bbrochures by FutureLab Web Design

Creative Concepts

FutureLab provided the creative direction for the project, designing concepts, website wireframes and branded materials such as brochures and posters to bring this new Healthscope brand to life. We stuck to a clean palette of whites, muted orange and rusty red highlights to match Healthscope’s Labtests branding.

Illumiscreen design across devices - FutureLab Website Design

Design Matched to Function

We incorporated the genetic aspect of this service into the innovative design concepts. On the website, scrolling A-T-C-G letters (the shorthand for the gene pairings) come to life on the page, while the key terms associated with the service – safe, know, accurate – shine boldly through the pattern, highlighting the ability of the service to provide clear results to expectant parents.

Simplicity is Key

To emphasise the simple and straightforward nature of the testing – no invasive procedures, and clear results – we kept the website clean and easy to use. Patients and clinicians can quickly click to where they need to go and information is clearly laid out without being overwhelming on the page.
Illumiscreen - Custom Creative Web Design by FutureLab Auckland

The Result

We’re proud to showcase this innovative design project and be a part of exciting new development in healthcare within New Zealand. We’ve produced a website that helps connect expectant parents with the latest in genetic testing technology services in NZ, as well as creating some great web design in the process. Check out the new Illumiscreen prenatal testing services here.

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