Sector: Personal Care, Food and Clothing

Xtreme Nutrition Magento Online Store

FutureLab have been working hard with Moe Elmoussawi and Xtreme Nutrition this year – and we’re not talking about bodybuilding. No, we’ve been hard at work in the geeky sense, developing the updated and redesigned eCommerce Magento store for Xtreme Nutrition. For Xtreme Nutrition’s extensive customer base, that means a brand new look on the frontend, a juicier rewards program, and some new products and discounts – look out for the personalised diet plans that Xtreme Nutrition have just launched, plus check out the blog for the latest from Moe and his team. These two new features were added to the website to help Xtreme Nutrition communicate with their valued customers and showcase the voice behind the company brand.

On the backend of the website, we used Magento’s Sweet Tooth reward program to set up a points and cashback system for customers who purchase online. We custom developed some modules and features for Xtreme Nutrition, and imported all products and customer information with a custom setup.

Xtreme Nutrition is a large eCommerce website, with thousands of products, customers, prices etc. Developing and migrating the new website to the live server took time and a few late nights from FutureLab and from Moe and his team! However, we’re delighted to have launched this premium website in time for Christmas and Christmas shopping. Xtreme Nutrition have put on some special deals for the occasion too, so make sure you head over and have a look at their nutrition supplement specials.

This website was developed using Magento, the Sweet Tooth plugin, and custom PHP.