Sector: Transportation, Freight and Warehousing

Triton Sourcing MYOB stock management integration

WordPress eCommerce for Triton

We achieved:

Triton Sourcing’s website is modern with a new look and feel. It is a great website which displays the content in a friendly way and allows users to quickly navigate without any trouble.

FutureLab also did website development for Triton Sourcing in the course of creating this website.

We helped Triton Sourcing to link their website with their data in MYOB. This is essentially completing all the chains between the two systems and ensure data is correctly sourced. For example, customers are automatically accepted into website’s system as long as their have a pre-existing profile in MYOB. Triton Sourcing then becomes the tool where products are viewed and then sold on essentially a front-end for MYOB warehouse system.

The website has different customer pricing from MYOB which means different customers can see different prices for products. This is strategic tool available for Triton to use.