We’ve kept this project under the rug for a couple of months but now that Primeo Media are up and running, we can share what FutureLab have been up to!

FutureLab created a custom web application for Primeo Media’s new deal site. The idea is simple but effective: users sign up to receive deals from their favourite companies. No catch, no payment necessary. There are no vouchers so you can’t waste money buying something you never use.

Meanwhile, hundreds of businesses are signing up to get their promotions advertised to users. The more users, the more businesses want to hop on board, and the more businesses advertising their promotions on Primeo, the more choice there is for the users! It’s a classic snowball effect that, after only launching this month, is gathering momentum at a startling pace.

The Kiwi individuals behind this awesome idea have kicked things off in New Zealand and Australia, but are quickly picking up interest from other countries too. That means if you sign up, you may soon be able to access deals and promotions overseas too!

Primeo looked to FutureLab to help them with developing and implementing their unique system. FutureLab designed the web environment from scratch using PHP, Bootstrap, Laravel, and PostgreSQL (Postgres). We set up a user and business database, accounts for users, businesses and administrators, plus a savings and rewards system. There’s also an email system built in so that businesses can send interested members their latest offers. The website is fully mobile responsive so you can access all the latest deals on the go. We can also reveal that more features are being custom developed for this system – so watch this space!

It’s been fantastic working alongside these Kiwi innovators, and FutureLab will continue to provide ongoing support and development for Primeo Media. You’ll find us listed on Primeo too – look out for the special offer exclusively for Primeo members!

To check out the web application and sign yourself up, head to primeomedia.com