Sector: Property Services – Construction Equipment & Supplies

Parallel Directions Responsive Web Design

Cool logos on website by FutureLab

Our Work

Auckland property lease company Parallel Directions were already well-established in their field when they came to FutureLab. With combined expertise spanning almost five decades, Peter and his team certainly didn’t need us to help them do business. What Parallel Directions did require was a website that reflected their own innovative and dynamic approach in their business. Their existing website was outdated, tired, and peppered with cartoon figures reminiscent of the ‘80s. In addition, there was far too much content which wasn’t organised in the best way.

FutureLab gave the website a new lease on life (pun most certainly intended). We threw out the stuffy cartoons and brought in fresh, modern images and dynamic sliders, widgets and counters (see their homepage for examples). We reorganised the pages so that essential information could be found easily while keeping enough user-friendly white space in the design. We also rewrote some content to emphasise key messages more clearly.

We had a bit of fun relocating (sorry) Peter and the team into the present, updating their online profile and showing them the realm of possibilities in modern website design. Now, the website matches the company’s service: professional, forward-thinking, and ready to maximise on investment.