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Orewa Private Kindergarten Goes Digital

Orewa Kindergarten website

Orewa Private Kindergarten, our second website for schools this year, is now online! Orewa Private Kindergarten made the decision to get online with their first website, and they chose FutureLab to help them make the transition.

What is special?

Starting from scratch gave FutureLab a great opportunity to envision the look and feel of OPK’s website. The website is designed with the bright, friendly colours of cool green and hot pink, plus plenty of pictures and a menu that’s easy to navigate.

The website is very child-friendly in style, employing handwriting-like font, bright colours and fun icons. This was important for us as OPK pride themselves on their level of child care and education. Curriculum and activities are personalised for each child so we wanted the website to reflect this individual, child-centred approach.

An elevated website with SEO

With basic SEO provided and content optimised, we’re planning for Orewa Private Kindergarten to receive plenty of website traffic and interest in their kindergarten. The website will also help current parents and carers to keep up to date with what’s going on at the Centre. To assist parents who are sending their children off to kindergarten for the very first time, we also wrote an advice page with some tips to help make the transition as easy as possible for the child. And of course, the website will serve as a great point of contact for any enquiries.