Custom Website Design for NZTech

The challenge

A design was needed to unify the looks and structures of 14 websites. Each website must adhere to the overall theme created by FutureLab but unique features will also have to be accommodated.

Gutenberg Blocks

This is the first time FutureLab fully used the Gutenberg blocks and a new WordPress editor. This paths the way in finding innovative methods for content management.

Where needed, FutureLab created customized blocks that answer specifically to unique use. The customization allows flexibility in the general theme set for these 14 websites. All websites share a general theme but their essential and unique features are nonetheless presented through customization.


The management of 14 sites is in no doubt a big job. FutureLab’s solution was to combine all sites in one place and into one big multi-site. Maintenance of these sites has significantly improved through this system.


The multi-site of NZTech is now a beautifully boxed navigation. Users are also led through the website smoothly and the time used in finding information is reduced. Administrators, on the other hand, is given a system easier to use and better to maximise the functionality of these websites as a communication channel.