Sector: Fletcher Smartfit Windows

Fletcher Smartfit Windows

FutureLab collaborated with Auckland agency BCG2 once again to produce a high-tech scrolling website for Smartfit®. Smartfit is the latest product offering from Fletcher Window & Door Systems, who are themselves a subsidiary of the largest listed company in New Zealand – Fletcher Building Limited.

Innovative technology needs high-end web design

Fletcher Smartfit is heralded as New Zealand’s fastest way to install windows. To go along with this innovative new design, Fletcher needed a high-end website with a few design innovations of its own to help advertise their new product.

FutureLab stepped in to provide the custom web development in partnership with digital agency BCG2, to assist in programming the design wireframes into existence.

A technical, custom web project

The project was entirely custom designed and developed. The client requested a few design features that were a challenge to implement. The scrolling parallax behind the main content alone took a substantial amount of time to program. Plus, the 1-page scrolling website is fully responsive on smartphone and tablet. Since the website needs to scroll vertically due to the design, we came up with a humorous message to display to the user if they tried to use horizontal view while browsing the web page.

Web design for an iconic Kiwi company

FutureLab are proud to have worked on this project for a giant of the New Zealand construction and building industry. Now, Fletcher Smartfit® have a website fit to showcase their game-changing product, and FutureLab can add Fletcher to the list of iconic Kiwi companies we’ve had the pleasure to provide with our web development skills.