Sector: DirtSync Custom Web Development

DirtSync Custom Web Development

The Client – DirtSync

DirtSync are a start-up Auckland company developing a very cool new technology designed to track movement of trucks and materials to and from construction sites.

Currently, this system is managed by paperwork – easily misplaced, filled out incorrectly, and misinterpreted. Not only does the paperwork use up valuable time for construction workers, but it can also easily fall prey to human error.

DirtSync came up with a new way to manage the movement off and on-site of trucks and construction materials. Using special bar codes and hand held devices, DirtSync can automatically log the movement of trucks and materials into and away from a construction site. The construction manager needs only mark the materials as ‘delivered’ and all relevant information is automatically uploaded to an online system. There, multiple users can login to check progress of certain deliveries or check the whereabouts of a particular truck.

Custom Web Development for DirtSync

DirtSync brought their idea to FutureLab, and we provided the custom web development to build the unique web app and integrated system that would automatically log the location, materials and time of delivery for each truck.

It’s been exciting working on this custom and unique website project for an innovative Auckland start-up company!

You can check out the website for DirtSync, currently in testing stages.