Sector: Personal Care, Food and Clothing

Christchurch Golden Oldies

The Challenge

When hosting an international event, you need to show off the best NZ has to offer – and show you’re the best too. That’s why VSL asked us to develop the Golden Oldies 2018 World Sports Festival website. Thousands will be heading online to register, buy merch and check out the events calendar from now until the event’s conclusion. So polished professionalism and impressive functionality were the order of the day.

Smooth Operator

With a website serving so many purposes, superior user experience is a must. We designed a homepage that funnels users where they need to go – whether registering for their chosen sport, buying merch, booking hotels or signing up for the newsletter. Combined with stunning NZ visuals, video and a countdown clock, the page retains a clean yet fun and functional look.

Purchasing Power

Prior to working with FutureLab, VSL had always processed payments manually offline. We said goodbye to all that. We customised WooCommerce to allow team registration across different sports, with multiple form fields collecting all required info. Our online payment system reduces the mountains of paperwork AND stress levels in the lead up to the event.

Opportunities for Ongoing Development

One of the great things about WordPress is that ongoing customisation and additions are all possible. More pages, video and blog content are posted daily. Currently the VSL team are working on translating their website in Japanese, Spanish and French. With the site enabled to be multilingual, the team can upload their translations easily.

The Result

A world-class website that highlights New Zealand as a professional and savvy host, as well as a famed tourist destination. The website will save the VSL team hundreds of hours in admin work while keeping competitors and spectators up to date and entertained with all the goings on of the festival.