Cervin Media Website on mobile devices

The challenge

It was time to give Cervin Media a modern and fresh outlook. The goal was to build a modern website with a better structure for content and to enhance the user journey throughout the site. In addition, the breakthrough also included a site for the Cervin Media’s customer in Australia.

Contemporary Designs

A brand design was used as well as a new website layout. The design is sleek and modern, striving to keep users on the page. The effective use of a warm-toned colour palette along with overlays of icons on images gave the website a stylish look. It is also made more appealing with a dynamic menu dropdown and a slide block dedicated to displaying more pictures of Cervin Media’s products.


A professional and approachable appearance throughout the website providing the user with a better view of content and enhancing their user journey. Furthermore, well-designed title texts allow users to find information quickly thus reducing the time needed to navigate through the site.