A lot of corporate websites share the same frustration. The client invested in the platform several years ago but now finds it too time-consuming to keep up-to-date.

Bravura Solutions came to FutureLab with this exact scenario. We listened to their needs and redeveloped bravurasolutions.com from scratch.

After a thorough consultation with the client, we were able to help clearly define the website’s role. We also listened to what features we could build to help manage the site once it was live. 

We agreed Bravura Solutions needed a global website (managed by head office) with the ability to create localised pages (managed by local offices) in multiple regions.

For this project, we built bravurasolutions.com 2.0 using WordPress, as the industry-leading platform’s new Gutenberg Blocks feature makes it easy for non-technical users to manage and edit websites independently.  This also enabled us to give Bravura Solutions their own small-scale newswire to share news and updates across one, or multiple, countries at the click of a button.

The customer now fully maintains the content of their own website and is happy with the site’s increased traffic and up-to-date look and feel.