Beautiful Website Design - Homepage

FutureLab built this website with Strategy Advertising.

Design for the Arrow International website has a structure suitable for the display of information. The combination of photos and colours used altogether created a beautiful design. The design chosen for Arrow International is unconventional and creative. At FutureLab, we always aim to find the best way to present the information and breathe life into content to give users the best web experience possible.

Arrow International has worked with many companies previously and it was necessary to showcase their experience. A solution for this was a customised landing page with all case studies. The user then will be allowed to click into an individual case study to view more details such as key facts and testimonials. FutureLab have created unique layouts for both the landing page and individual case study to suit the needs of Arrow International.

Arrow International’s website utilises Slides which is a great way to present compact information and encourage user interaction with the website. In addition, responsive sliders take out the hassle of clicking and redirecting to a different page.

The website is also mobile friendly and available to users on their phones or tablets. The user is also covered throughout both Australia and New Zealand. How convenient!