Sector: Personal Care, Food and Clothing

Ariana Mobile-Responsive Website

Ariana produce a range of premium, top quality infant formula, made right here in New Zealand from New Zealand milk. Ariana wanted to emphasise the home-grown aspect of their products and the superior formulation and quality standards of their infant formula.

We took over the Ariana website and helped showcase the products in a fresh layout that was pleasing to the eye. The colour scheme and logo emphasise New Zealand’s ‘clean green’ image. We focused on making the website easy to use, giving clear facts and information, and providing a strong call-to-action for potential distributors.

We provided website copywriting to highlight the most important facts about the Ariana products and really showcase the factors that make this infant formula superior to its competitors. As Ariana markets their products to a global audience, we made sure that the New Zealand voice was heard loud and clear throughout the website. The website content is factual and informative while still appealing to a wide audience, including new parents and suppliers and distributors.

The website is responsive so that it can easily be viewed on smartphone or tablet, helping to modernise Ariana and ensure their website is available to their clients whether at home or on the go.