Online Sales Success for Auckland Ecommerce Business

We saw real and amazing results from Takapuna auckland flowers after successfully completing their Ecommerce project.
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Auckland Flowers Takapuna have been delivering gorgeous bouquets for all occasions right here in Takapuna since 1986! Lisa and her family have been running the popular florist shop right out of the same Barry’s Point Road location for all these years, but 2016 marked a big change for the company – moving to fully automated e-commerce sales through their new website.

Auckland Flowers Takapuna approached FutureLab at the end of 2015 to talk about revamping their online presence and gearing up their online sales. The company provide floral arrangements for weddings and other special occasions, wholesale flowers, plus individual custom bouquets that could be made up in-store. However, they wanted to really promote individual sales, allowing everyone to select a perfect flower bouquet online and have it delivered anywhere in Auckland.

We discussed new colour schemes, talked Auckland Flowers Takapuna through the e-commerce side of things, and in January 2016 we launched the new and improved website for Auckland Flowers Takapuna. Design-wise, the site brightened up the colour scheme for the brand and the new logo matched the signature sunflower delivery van. Now for the first time, Lisa and her team could load up products and pictures to the site, set a price and allow customers to complete the purchase and delivery instructions all online. We also made sure the website was mobile-responsive, allowing customers to find the right bouquet and press send even on the go.

E-Commerce Sales Results

Previously, Auckland Flowers Takapuna could sell online in a limited capacity via their website. Therefore, we expected that their sales would increase after the new website was launched. However, online sales rose by 300% on average, a huge achievement that Auckland Flowers Takapuna and the FutureLab were thrilled about. The upgraded website processed orders, payments and delivery options all in one go, allowing the Auckland Flowers Takapuna team to sit back and wait for orders to be emailed to them from the website.

Comparing sales for September 2015-January 2016 to sales in September 2016-January 2017 reveals a 318% increase on average across these months, with every month since we launched the new website at least doubling the sales record of the previous year.

Ecommerce Successful Sales Auckland NZ

We are ecstatic with this result as it shows the return on investment for quality web design and development – Lisa and her team have gained back many times over what they invested in their new and improved website.

If you’re looking to give your business a boost talk to us about your online results.