Importance of Having a High-Quality Website for Your Business

A custom-built and high quality website brings real returns from your investment.
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Never underestimate the power of a high-quality website! Gone are the days where potential customers were happy to do business with a company offline alone. Nowadays customers expect a business’ website to provide an excellent experience in the areas of appearance, ease of navigation and information provided. Never before has it been as vital that a website provide an instantaneous positive first impression, and today that’s what we’re going to discuss in more detail with you.

What Does a High-Quality Website Look Like?

Pretty graphics only go so far in attracting new customers or clients. As web developers we know it’s the whole picture that matters and that’s why we only create high-quality websites we’d be proud to call our own. In terms of what a top-quality website looks and functions like, you can expect to see a website which is:

  • Of a clean and modern appearance
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fully branded
  • Includes all relevant contact information
  • Well organised
  • Fast to load
  • Built for mobile viewing
  • Fully functional on a variety of browsers
  • Motivating for the customer – encouraging them to contact or purchase from you
  • Well polished with no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Visually appealing

Most of all, a high-quality website is intuitive for the user and achieves the specific goals your business requires of it.

Why Your Business Needs a Custom Built High-Quality Website

A recent study found that 94% of first impressions are made simply upon the design of a website. A professionally developed and designed site will quickly establish trust and credibility with your customer or client. From this, they are far more likely to create a long-term relationship with your business. A high-quality custom developed website is an essential investment for every business because it will:

  • Last for around four to five years, resulting in significant cost saving
  • Be unique to your business, resulting in a higher conversion rate for your customers
  • Provide awareness to your customers of the specific ways in which your business can assist them
  • Showcase and communicate your value proposition clearly
  • Encourage visitors to engage with your website thoroughly
  • Give you a high return on your investment

As custom web designers, we’ll provide you with a website solution which is tailor-made for your business. Starting from the bottom and working up, we only add the pages and content your business needs, leaving out the usual clutter most sites have. We focus on the aesthetics and usability of your website, all with the goal of creating a high converting website.

We’d be happy to discuss further with you about your website requirements and how we can assist you by developing and designing you a high-quality website. Please contact our creative team today.