FutureLab partners with Campaign Monitor for awesome email marketing campaigns

We design, write content and deliver email marketing campaigns for our clients and this usually includes newsletters.
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As a proudly New Zealand company, we love supporting other innovative Australasian endeavours in the technical field, especially ones that make ours and our client’s lives that much easier. One such company shaking things up in the field of digital marketing is Campaign Monitor, an Australian-run company that in the last 10 years has rocketed onto the email marketing scene.

Campaign Monitor started because the founders, web designers themselves, couldn’t find a well-designed yet functional email marketing system to help their clients send out email marketing campaigns. So, they designed one of their own, and Campaign Monitor was born. Today, they have 100,000 customers and help send out more than 1 billion emails every month!

FutureLab are proud to now be partners of Campaign Monitor. As partners, we get access to the latest Campaign Monitor developments and we can easily manage every aspect of our clients’ email campaigns from one account.

We design, write content and deliver email marketing campaigns for our clients. That usually means sending out a newsletter every so often to a list of customers or subscribers. And with Campaign Monitor, these email campaigns can be set up efficiently and elegantly, saving us time, which then saves time and money for our clients. A winning situation for everyone!

If you’d like to discuss the production and delivery of your next email marketing campaign, why not get in touch? You can also check out the full range of our digital marketing services.