FutureLab Hosting Moves to the CLOUD

The new hosting solution from Amazon Web services means we have access to faster website speed, likelihood and smaller website down-time and improved server security.
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Good news! Your website hosting with FutureLab is upgrading

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide New Zealanders with the finest web development and hosting services, we have been reviewing our hosting platform and server arrangements.

Previously our websites have been hosted on New Zealand servers which have been running out of space (thanks to our clients’ growing web traffic!). We have been investigating and testing different hosting options over the last few months and we have found a better hosting solution that will improve up-time and website speeds.

The new hosting solution is Amazon Web Services, a cloud hosting platform that has servers worldwide. There are multiple benefits to our new cloud set-up:

  • Website speed is faster, both for New Zealand and worldwide website visitors. Those who have content-heavy websites (lots of images, products or videos for example) will have noticeably faster loading times after the change.
  • Using cloud hosting means that if one server is busy, another one takes on the load. If one server dies, another can take over. This reduces the likelihood of website down-time.
  • Instead of one server for everything on your website, we have customised Database, Web, Cache, and File servers which streamline and speed up your website.
  • Improved server security, with fully compartmentalised space for each website we host. In the event of a security breach on another website, your own website would be protected.

What you need to do: Nothing!

No action is required from you and our web hosting services will be continuing as usual. We just wanted to let you know about the coming upgrade and explain why we’re switching.

As we switch you over, we may get in touch to ask you to change the IP on your domain to point to a new server (only if we do not already have access to your domain).

For those concerned about SEO, cloud hosting compared to NZ servers has no effect on your ranking in NZ search results. You can read more about this here.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this change. Just send us an email and we’ll gladly help explain the new hosting solution and what it means for your website.