Five reasons to outsource your work to NZ

Outsourcing your work to NZ gives you the biggest and most loved benefit of lower costs.
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Outsourcing – the word that businesses love and customers hate. Outsourcing is the hidden reality for many industries today, but the last thing a customer wants to hear is that their call is important to you, and by the way, we’ve outsourced our call centre to Indonesia.

So while businesses need to keep costs down, clients expect to be dealing with native English speakers who understand the issues they need resolved.

What to do in this situation? We’d like to introduce our solution to this problem for Australian corporations.

Outsource to New Zealand.

Cue the sheep-shagger and “poor little neighbour” jokes.

But think about it. Cheaper than Australian going rates. Only 3 hours away from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne if you need to conduct business in person. English-speaking. And in the IT and tech industry, this outsource system works especially well. Below, we’ve outlined 5 brilliant reasons to outsource your work to New Zealand.


1.Same timezone, same culture, same language.

Ok, make that near enough the same timezone. In fact, the time difference can often work in your favour. When you straggle into the office at 9am, clutching your morning coffee, we’ve been working for 2 hours and made it onto our third caffeinated beverage already. That mean you’ll get work completed earlier in the day with plenty of time to check back with your clients – and then pass on feedback to your NZ team ready for the next day.

…same language, same culture (come on – you know the entire Northern Hemisphere can’t even tell us apart).

Shrimp on the barbie aside, Aussies and Kiwis don’t have the cultural or linguistic issues that can sometimes make collaborating on a project so frustrating. We’ll get what you’re talking about, first time around. It’s outsourcing but more like having an extension of your team working outside the office.


2.Up to date in Tech

New Zealand tech companies are working at the same level as Australia (ie, we’re not the budget overseas service that gives outsourcing its bad name). Just because we’re at the arse-end of the world, doesn’t mean we’re not keeping up with the latest technology in our given industry. As a tech company, our job is to keep up to date with what’s going on in the digital world, and develop accordingly. New Zealand has many start-ups and young, growing companies – that’s one of the benefits of being a relatively young society. A small and agile team who know what they’re doing can often be a boon to a larger corporation which needs deadlines met urgently.


3.Bright new business hub

Not only is NZ a hub for growing, tech-savvy businesses, we’ve also premiered bright young companies with world-changing ideas in the past few years. Xero accounting software, and Vend POS software immediately spring to mind. We’ve proved that NZ brains are at the forefront of industry progress – so if you’re looking for expert help, you’ve come to the right place.


4.Just a short plane ride away

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done – it’s not that hard to meet up in person, if you really rely on good ole’ fashioned face-time to do business. As a tech company, we often rely on phone, email, Skype calls, and Team Viewer when we are working remotely. While it’s true that tech workers DO prefer to work hidden away from other human beings and direct sunlight, we also have some regulars on the team who would be more than happy to hop across the ditch to help speed along a project.


5.And lastly… it’s cheeaper!

We left this point ‘till last because it’s not, in itself, a good enough reason to outsource. But when you’re looking to get the same services, at the same level of quality, without over-complicating the process… then it’s a great reason. Without selling ourselves short, the truth is that the same expert-level services cost less to hire in New Zealand compared to Australia. That’s a fact. And it’s just because companies in NZ tend to be a) smaller b) younger c) operating in a smaller market/economy. So take advantage while this great opportunity exists.


6.Bonus point: it’s already happening!

New Zealand and Australia often do business together (including our company). We’ve already completed work for several Australian companies and agencies. The longer you wait, the more you miss out on all the advantages of outsourcing to NZ.

So dip a toe in the Tasman – check out how much your next digital project would cost if you outsourced to an expert NZ tech company. You might be pleasantly surprised.