Creative Digital Consulting

What is it and how can your business use it?

FutureLab is happy to announce a new service – Creative Digital Consulting. After years in the industry, we’ve helped many customers achieve their goals by providing expert insight – and sometimes just by contributing our own fresh take to ongoing or new problems. We get many customer requests to add digital creative consulting to our list of services, and now we’re happy to oblige so that we can better meet your needs.

What is creative digital consulting?

Ralf Klis, our director, describes it this way:

I love Open Source software for the way it enables knowledge sharing. Organisations can pool skills, collaborate on projects, and best utilise what’s on offer both in-house and outside. However, contrary to what’s possible, I’ve found that many corporate organisations lock their digital creativity in-house, limiting themselves only to what they know. Digital creativity consulting is like Open Source – we come to you and share our knowledge on digital, IT, marketing and business growth, so we can help you to shape and maximise your digital ideas.

Ralf Klis, FutureLab Director

How to get digital consulting working for you

Talk to us, and we’ll propose the best solution for you and your unique needs. There are many ways to approach different challenges. Here are just a few examples of how we can work with you:

  • Managed brainstorming sessions – we’ll join your team in a brainstorming session and contribute our external knowledge to helping your organisation.
  • Workshops – we’ll organise a working group made up of members from within and outside of your organisation, and we’ll work on a concept together.
  • Outsourcing creative ideas – we’ll formulate solutions to solve your challenges, based on interviews with you. We can then help you with execution, or even assist in improving a proposed solution through workshops or brainstorming sessions.

It’s all a bit vague – how about a few examples…?

We realise purchasing services can be like buying a cat in a bag, so here are a few examples of our consulting work:

  • A customer in a construction-based industry approached us saying that their digital presence worked well, but they continually experienced negative issues with ordering and shipping. Misplacement of orders and lost items during the delivery process were a big problem. We introduced small QR code labels, with the use of a simple label printer, and now every item gets scanned at all points during the order and delivery process. We equipped all drivers with an app that keeps track of a shipment list and enables them to collect customer signatures when packages reach construction sites.
  • We developed a solution for a corporate customer by bringing an audience to their new product through the creation of a competition. The concept was location-based and required users to find and compete for prizes against their peers. Once found, the locations contained a hidden code, so when a user visited, they could get a discount for the new product. Our customer was rewarded with big interest and many new signups for their services from users that obtained a discount code

It’s easy to get started

The power of consulting is that you don’t need to have an idea – only to have a need. At the core of our consulting approach is a drive to find the solution to your challenge. It might be a case of developing a whole concept that helps you to solve something, but there are also circumstances where we suggest an off the shelf solution that is readily available on the market.

The key is being open to third-party input; we all know what we know, but accepting we can’t possibly know everything can be more of a challenge. When you connect external knowledge with your need, it can bring unexpected and amazing results. So, go ahead, pick up that phone and get in touch. The first coffee is on us, and you’ll find out quickly that we won’t rest until we’ve fixed something for you.