Category: Web Development

SSL Certificate: What Is It & Do I Need One?

We discuss what an SSL certificate is, how it works and the reasons why having a valid SSL certificate for your website is an essential part of doing business online today.

Understanding the Differences Between Custom Web Design & Web Development

Not sure what custom web design and web development are? We discuss the differences between these two similar skill sets to help you decide which to use for your web project.

Your Guide to Understanding the Website Development Process

A great website isn’t born overnight. It requires a four-step website development process, and we’re here to explain in detail what that involves. Find out more now.

Are you ready for WordPress Gutenberg?

We’re days away from Gutenberg being part of every single WordPress worldwide. Yes, that means over 31% of the internet. So what’s that all fuss about and should you be scared? What is Gutenberg Gutenberg is a new way of editing content in WordPress. The current WordPress editor that you know has been with WordPress … Continue reading "Are you ready for WordPress Gutenberg?"

Important Security Update

Dear FutureLab customer, this news is important, so please take time to read it First of all, Happy New Year. We value your time, especially at this time of the year, and we understand that a lot of the news here will be very technical, which is why you’ll find a handy summary at the end … Continue reading "Important Security Update"

Designing and Developing FutureLab’s New Look – A Guide

Recently we posted a rough guide to what kind of work goes into creating your website. It’s not all just website building – each project takes hours of planning, design, review, testing, writing, and preparation for going live. We want to now go into more detail about how we create a high-end website. To illustrate … Continue reading "Designing and Developing FutureLab’s New Look – A Guide"

My budget is… what can I get?

We work with clients and businesses from a range of backgrounds – start-ups with minimal budgets (start-ups with plenty of budget too), established businesses looking to push their online markets, high-level brands looking for one-off custom work for a competition or marketing campaign. And everyone in between, from Auckland to Christchurch and overseas as well. … Continue reading "My budget is… what can I get?"

Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin

Q Card Payment Gateway – Connect Directly to the Q Card API from your Online Store The team at FutureLab have developed a custom plugin that connects to the new Q Card API from your online store. That means you can now offer your customers another way to pay online, without needing to pay merchant … Continue reading "Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin"