FutureLab Hosting Moves to the CLOUD

Good news! Your website hosting with FutureLab is upgrading As part of our ongoing commitment to provide New Zealanders with the finest web development and hosting services, we have been reviewing our hosting platform and server arrangements. Previously our websites have been hosted on New Zealand servers which have been running out of space (thanks … Continue reading "FutureLab Hosting Moves to the CLOUD"

Introducing your Google Partners

Exciting news at FutureLab – we recently became certified Google Partners, specialising in Search Ads. Being a Google Partner is a mark from Google that FutureLab is qualified to create and manage search advertising campaigns on behalf of clients. This is a good benchmark signal to look for when searching for a company to help … Continue reading "Introducing your Google Partners"

Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin

Q Card Payment Gateway – Connect Directly to the Q Card API from your Online Store The team at FutureLab have developed a custom plugin that connects to the new Q Card API from your online store. That means you can now offer your customers another way to pay online, without needing to pay merchant … Continue reading "Introducing the Q Card Payment Gateway Plugin"

Q&A with Daren, Business Development Manager at FutureLab

Daren recently joined FutureLab in the newly created role of Business Development Manager. Daren is on board to help manage our business growth and provide strategic vision for the overall development of the company.

2016: What We Can Expect in Tech

Apple made headlines already this year with the news/rumours (not actually confirmed by Apple as yet) that for the iPhone7, they are planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack that comes as standard on all audio-visual equipment. Predictably, many Apple fans are up in arms, with one petition against the move already gaining over 250,000 … Continue reading "2016: What We Can Expect in Tech"

Patching the Security of your Website

Behind the scenes of your website, and indeed the entire online world, a battle is constantly raging. It’s not the kind of battle you see in the movies. There’s no blood, guns, or violence. But there are soldiers, weapons of mass destruction, and grisly battle scenes.

After the Google Update

If you missed it, Google announced that from the 21st April 2015, mobile-friendly sites will start being prioritised in mobile search results. That means, if your website is not yet mobile-friendly, you can expect to see a drop in your rankings when people search for your products or services using their smartphones.

Have you heard about the Google update?

What’s happening on the 21st April 2015? Google recently announced that from the 21st of this month, the way that search results are ranked on mobile devices will undergo a ‘significant’ change. From that date, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will drop in the mobile search result rankings. What’s so special about being … Continue reading "Have you heard about the Google update?"