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Tips for Setting up your Google AdWords Account

Wading into the world of AdWords advertising may be an overwhelming but necessary job for a small business owner. You don’t need a full-time marketing person (yet) but you’ve still got to bring in your customers. And these days of course, advertising online is widespread, with internet advertising revenue surpassing television revenue some years back … Continue reading "Tips for Setting up your Google AdWords Account"

My budget is… what can I get?

We work with clients and businesses from a range of backgrounds – start-ups with minimal budgets (start-ups with plenty of budget too), established businesses looking to push their online markets, high-level brands looking for one-off custom work for a competition or marketing campaign. And everyone in between, from Auckland to Christchurch and overseas as well. … Continue reading "My budget is… what can I get?"

Q&A with Daren, Business Development Manager at FutureLab

Daren recently joined FutureLab in the newly created role of Business Development Manager. Daren is on board to help manage our business growth and provide strategic vision for the overall development of the company.

New Horizons for FutureLab Web Design

2015 was a big year for FutureLab. We increased revenue by 60%, moved to new offices at a more spacious location, and took on more web design and digital marketing projects than ever before. As a result, we have some exciting changes planned for 2016 and hope to continue our impressive growth to become a strong contender in the Auckland B2B digital market.

Christmas Update from FutureLab + Our Opening Hours

#timeforthebeach As the year draws to a close, we wanted to extend our best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season. For those for whom the holidays are the busiest time – good luck with your sales promotions over the next few weeks. And for those who are shutting up shop around now, … Continue reading "Christmas Update from FutureLab + Our Opening Hours"

How to Pay Double for the Same Job

I want to find out how to pay double for the same job…. Said no one, ever. Yet that’s what a lot of companies unknowingly do when paying for services such as web design and development for their business, by choosing large companies with large overheads. Read more to find out how you can minimise paying for overheads and save money on web design.

In the balance: between dicey and pricey web design

We’re a small business and we work with small and medium businesses with a range of budgets. We often find when talking to our existing clients and potential ones that there is not a clear understanding of what kind of web design we do and how much it should cost. Large businesses may be used … Continue reading "In the balance: between dicey and pricey web design"

Patching the Security of your Website

Behind the scenes of your website, and indeed the entire online world, a battle is constantly raging. It’s not the kind of battle you see in the movies. There’s no blood, guns, or violence. But there are soldiers, weapons of mass destruction, and grisly battle scenes.