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Preparing for Website Content Delivery

You’ve got a product to sell, a service to offer, information you need to get across and maybe a call to action. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? You’ve got a savvy tech team working on your website and now you’re ready to tell your story.  Great … Continue reading "Preparing for Website Content Delivery"

What is a Landing Page & Why You Need One

If you’ve ever wondered what a landing page is and whether your website needs one, you’re not alone. There are plenty of discussions around the planning, designing and using landing pages online, both in blogs and on social media. Answers vary from a landing page being your site’s home page, right through to a page … Continue reading "What is a Landing Page & Why You Need One"

Understanding the Differences Between Custom Web Design & Web Development

Not sure what custom web design and web development are? We discuss the differences between these two similar skill sets to help you decide which to use for your web project.

Tips for Setting up your Google AdWords Account

Wading into the world of AdWords advertising may be an overwhelming but necessary job for a small business owner. You don’t need a full-time marketing person (yet) but you’ve still got to bring in your customers. And these days of course, advertising online is widespread, with internet advertising revenue surpassing television revenue some years back … Continue reading "Tips for Setting up your Google AdWords Account"

Five reasons to outsource your work to NZ

Outsourcing – the word that businesses love and customers hate. Outsourcing is the hidden reality for many industries today, but the last thing a customer wants to hear is that their call is important to you, and by the way, we’ve outsourced our call centre to Indonesia. So while businesses need to keep costs down, clients expect to be dealing with native English speakers who understand the issues they need resolved. What to do in this situation? We’d like to introduce our solution to this problem for Australian corporations.

Web Design Success Stories

Here at FutureLab we’re always updating our portfolio with recent websites completed, yet we don’t often re-visit projects to see how a new website is benefiting its business. Well, we’ve collected feedback and statistics from a number of the small Auckland businesses we’ve had the pleasure of providing with web design, and thought we’d share … Continue reading "Web Design Success Stories"

The 6 things to do on your pre-Christmas checklist

The Christmas holiday season is fast approaching! We wanted to help out with a handy checklist to make sure your company is ready for Christmas. Read on for our 6 tips to prepare for the holiday closure. Put your closing hours on your website If your company is shutting down at any time over Christmas … Continue reading "The 6 things to do on your pre-Christmas checklist"

FutureLab partners with Campaign Monitor for awesome email marketing campaigns

As a proudly New Zealand company, we love supporting other innovative Australasian endeavours in the technical field, especially ones that make ours and our client’s lives that much easier. One such company shaking things up in the field of digital marketing is Campaign Monitor, an Australian-run company that in the last 10 years has rocketed … Continue reading "FutureLab partners with Campaign Monitor for awesome email marketing campaigns"