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How to create your first Gutenberg block

This post is dedicated to a wonderful WordPress Bogota community that invited me to speak on their meetup. I’ll summarise here what we’ve learned on that meetup. At this point, I assume that you know what Gutenberg is, you know the basics of WordPress programming and a very basic understanding of React. You need to … Continue reading "How to create your first Gutenberg block"

How easy to use is your CMS

You wouldn’t believe how often we get a phone call from a new customer asking “can you please change something on my website”. The first question we ask is “what Content Management System do you use?”. Majority of them come back saying “It’s WordPress”. WordPress is by far most easy CMS we know. It’s still … Continue reading "How easy to use is your CMS"

What is Custom Web Development

By Ralf Klis, FutureLab’s owner and technical leader.This post was originally published on LinkedIn. I work in an industry bursting with various options and solutions. There are hundreds of web development companies out there, providing thousands of solutions. From customising Wix websites, building entire CMS from scratch, WordPress, Magento, Umbraco – the list goes on … Continue reading "What is Custom Web Development"

Important Security Update

Dear FutureLab customer, this news is important, so please take time to read it First of all, Happy New Year. We value your time, especially at this time of the year, and we understand that a lot of the news here will be very technical, which is why you’ll find a handy summary at the end … Continue reading "Important Security Update"

Online Sales Success for Auckland Ecommerce Business

Auckland Flowers Takapuna have been delivering gorgeous bouquets for all occasions right here in Takapuna since 1986! Lisa and her family have been running the popular florist shop right out of the same Barry’s Point Road location for all these years, but 2016 marked a big change for the company – moving to fully automated … Continue reading "Online Sales Success for Auckland Ecommerce Business"

Designing and Developing FutureLab’s New Look – A Guide

Recently we posted a rough guide to what kind of work goes into creating your website. It’s not all just website building – each project takes hours of planning, design, review, testing, writing, and preparation for going live. We want to now go into more detail about how we create a high-end website. To illustrate … Continue reading "Designing and Developing FutureLab’s New Look – A Guide"

Integrated Maintenance Group – Website Overhaul

One of the larger projects that FutureLab worked on last year was the website design and development for Integrated Maintenance Group, a medium-sized New Zealand engineering company. Integrated Maintenance Group, or IMG, were established in 2003 and have gone on to produce highly customised, multi-million dollar projects for various sites around New Zealand.

SEO Success Story: Fond Farewells

Now this is a story all about how, we made Fond Farewells the best in town. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how we got their juicy 1st page Google share.