About us

We are your dream team, the future-makers bringing your vision to life.

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Our Story

Founded in 2011 FutureLab was always focused on solving problems. Our point of difference is partnering with our customers. Your goal becomes our goal We don’t make websites, we work with you to create a unique and beautiful experience that will work for you. And we do it through making the websites.

Our process

  • Exploration
    From the very first meeting, we partner up and take the journey together. We discover what your goals are and sometimes will help you shape them. We listen and advise to ensure the end result is a combination of our experience and your valuable business information.
  • The data
    It's easy to say what we think your users want or your employees need. However, it's much easier when you can back it up with real data. We use many tools including your website statistics, heatmapping, user recordings and even an interview with your employees if the goal is to solve their manual work. Ultimately, we are using those data to shape the end product and deliver a point of difference.
  • Design
    We gather all of your marketing materials including brand guidelines and create an unique online presence that is recognisable by your customers. If you don't have brand guidelines or require improvements to your logo, don't worry, we can help with that too.
  • Manage
    When your digital solution goes live your journey really begins. From monitoring, regular reports or ongoing support, we're here to assist you and support you long term. And if you're looking for SEO or content marketing - we have great partners who specialise in that too.

Our leadership team

In our busy office, Bernard tackles problems to ensure we can support your business by solving your problems through consulting and suggesting. With that, Bernard also manages other scopes of Futurelab, ranging from database creation and administration to copy-writing.

Ralf Klis

Ralf has exceptional skills to explain very technical details in an easy and understandable way. With his university degrees in both computer science and marketing, he focuses on tailoring the right product for the customer and translating it into technical specifications for our inhouse development team.