Meet the Alchemists

FutureLab began as a spark in the eye of Ralf Klis, our company founder and lead developer. We have a laid-back approach to dress codes and a can-do attitude toward our digital projects. No corporate trappings, just expert digital services with less fuss.

All the digital magic takes place in the heart of Takapuna, Auckland, and makes its way to our clients across NZ and Australia.

Ralf Klis

Ralf has his wizardy fingers in many digital pies. He specialises in both front- and back-end development for a start. He’s responsible for all-round team motivation and makes sure he meets every client we work with. Whether you’re into the nitty-gritty or the big picture view, Ralf will talk with you to understand requirements and give honest advice on what you need. Anything you can imagine for your digital project, Ralf will find a way to implement.

The original alchemist

Kevin Wu

Kevin looks after most of the development of our digital projects, working closely with Ralf. Kevin’s a head-down work hard kind of guy – although we suspect he conducts a raucous double life on the weekends. He’s our man for technical tweaking, server soothing and all things digital development.

Technical alchemist II

Clara Kim

Clara is our expert eye for digital design. With a background in design school and front-end development, Clara can whip up beautiful email newsletters and website wireframes. She kicks off the design process and crafts the look and feel of your digital project. Just don’t ask her to choose what’s for lunch on Fridays – she’ll never decide!

On the front line of design

Serena Driver

Serena’s the one what writes the words. For web content, blogging, marketing and advertising copy, she’s your girl. She’s a dab hand at SEO and content management too. You’ll find Serena most days overseeing many digital projects and managing content, SEO and advertising for us and our clients. Some days she has a posh British accent too.

Wonderful wordsmith
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