7 Reasons Why Large Corporations Use WordPress

Many prefer wordpress over other CMS because of its large number of benefits with the biggest one being its ability to allow users to edit easily.
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In the digital age, the experience visitors receive when seeking content online is what drives the success of most businesses. Big brands know this, and that’s just one of the reasons why large corporations use WordPress as their content management system. W3 Techs have found that 59% of the world’s top one million most visited websites in the world are using WordPress over other CMS, making it the most popular platform of choice! Today we’re explaining seven reasons why both small and large corporations use WordPress over other CMS options.

7 Reasons Why Large Corporations Use WordPress Over Other CMS

What’s not to love about WordPress? It’s easy to use, freely available and has plenty of design options for users. Here are just seven reasons why many big brands have chosen it as their CMS of choice:

  1. Open Source – it’s freely available, supported by a large community of CMS developers around the world and can be modified without any cost or permission required.
  2. Wide Range of Plugins – plugins add functionality to a site and WordPress has thousands of free and paid options available.
  3. E-commerce Suitable – while originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress overs users a fully customisable e-commerce experience for even the largest business!
  4. Easy to Edit – WordPress lets users edit its features easily. It can handle a wide variety of media formats, such as videos, photos, graphics and GIFs.
  5. Mobile Responsive – with mobile device usage continually increasing and Google penalising non-responsive sites, websites must be mobile responsive. Large corporations use WordPress because they know their website will be 100% mobile responsive and usable by everyone.
  6. Affordable – a large corporation’s website will require a lot of customisation to meet the needs of the brand. Instead of only relying on the developer who built the site, they can hire many WordPress website developers to assist with their customisation needs.
  7. SEO Friendly – while a large website will often have more rank than smaller ones due to the amount of content it has on it, SEO is still a major Large businesses still want their website to rank above their large competitors and WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly. There is also a wide variety of SEO optimisation plugins available for it too.

Next, we’ll take a look at some of the world’s largest businesses who have chosen to use WordPress as their CMS.

9 Of the World’s Largest Businesses Who Use WordPress

To explain why WordPress is so popular with large businesses, simply look at what nine of the world’s largest businesses have done with it when creating their sites:

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