2016: What We Can Expect in Tech

Focus in 2016 is green technology and environment-focused solution to dominate 2016 innovations.
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Apple made headlines already this year with the news/rumours (not actually confirmed by Apple as yet) that for the iPhone7, they are planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack that comes as standard on all audio-visual equipment.

Predictably, many Apple fans are up in arms, with one petition against the move already gaining over 250,000 signatures. (This is unlikely to change anything; remember those Facebook petitions that cropped up every single time Facebook changed the layout?) The reason for the anger is that Apple will become incompatible with every audio-visual device on the market – meaning that consumers will need to purchase an adaptor or new speakers or systems in order to use alongside the iPhone7.

Instead of the classic headphone jack we all know and love, the iPhone7 will have Bluetooth enabled, allowing wireless listening rather than needing to plug in.

With Apple kicking off the year in tech shakeups, what can we expect in other areas of technology for 2016?


Motor Technology – the Urban Car


We’ve been hearing for a while about the self-driving car – pioneered by Google, the self-driving car could become a reality on the roads in the near future. However artificial intelligence is not the only way in which personal transportation is undergoing innovation. The Fast Company recently discussed models for ‘urban cars’ – tiny vehicles designed to move one person efficiently across an urban landscape.


CES 2016


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped up in Las Vegas and presented the best in smart, futuristic and downright crazy technology. Highlights included the mini-Segway, a thermometer that takes readings from anywhere on the body, actual wireless phone charging, and the one-person drone that seems clever but would be a recipe for air traffic disasters.


Focus in 2016


We predict that “green” technology and environment-focused solutions will dominate 2016’s innovations, along with the exploding industry of wearable tech (smart watches and smart jewellery are looking slimmer and higher-tech than ever).

Here’s to 2016. Let’s get excited.