At FutureLab, we deliver custom web solutions that work.

The Alchemists

Great results require a little alchemy. We blend technical wizardry and a critical eye for design with digital strategy to maximise impact online.

Inside the Lab

We custom-create online solutions for you. Specialising in online magic-making, slick content-creating, smart industry-shaking.

Ingredients for success

Great results require great care in every aspect of process and production. Something we bring with our approach.


Tell you our plan

Listen. Understand. Strategise – together.


Fit your business to a template

Create a custom solution with maximum impact.


Start 6 months later

Get the project done – no chit chat, minimum fuss.


Launch and walk away.

Support you to help deliver the online results you need.

Brands we’ve worked with
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Our story

FutureLab hatched in 2011 from the dreams of Ralf Klis, a highly-skilled European programmer who had a grand vision for the landscape of tech in New Zealand.

Ralf, Director FutureLab
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